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Whatsapp spy software – How to monitor whatsapp conversations?

whatsapp spy app

Whatsapp spy applications are the latest development in the cell phone monitoring industry. Similar to bbm spy software it came out of necessity. As most people realize the general population is utilizing messenger services oppose to text messaging. Therefore for you to know whether your child or an employee is up to mischief you will definitely have to go a bit more sophisticated. It will cost you a few more bucks to acquire the capabilities to spy on whatsapp messenger however, the benefits of knowing what is happening usually outweighs the cost considerably.

Initially you would think by its name that you will only be able to monitor Whatapps chat but that is far from the truth. By using this technology you will also be able to track the cell phone, monitor text messages, view the call history etc. Therefore you will get a chance to truly understanding what is happening with the person you are watching.

How does Whatsapp spy software works?

This type of technology functions similar to any other mobile phone monitoring application. The first thing which must be done is that you must install it onto the smart phone you wish to monitor. Once that is completed the software will then go into action. This means that as the user chats on Whatsapp messenger each message will be captured by the software and then sent to you. All conversations are stored in an online repository in which you will be the only person which will have access. In order to view the logs it will be just a matter of logging on with your special security username and password.

Since everything is online that means you will be able to access the information no matter where you are providing there is internet access. Nothing is simpler as that.

What app should I use?

In terms of Whatsapp spying there are two primary apps which are utilized. These are Mobistealth and also Spyera Silver or Gold. Both will get the job done however there is a slight difference in terms of features offered and also price.

Mobistealth is presently the preferred choice because overall it offers more bang for buck in terms of cost. Presently it can only work for the iphone which is its only downfall but this option should be available for Android shortly.  The additional features offered by Mobistealth are gps tracking, call logging, photo and video recording, email interception, cell phone bugging etc. In general there is nothing which will escape you by using this app. The price for this program ranges between $79.99USD and $199.99USD.

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Spyera is the second choice and presently it is the only program which can spy on whatsapp messenger for Android and also the iphone. It is one of the oldest apps on the market today and is considered as the best in terms of features and documentation. It contains similar features to Mobistealth however, it cost more for the subscription but it will definitely be worth it especially for Android users.

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