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Spybubble reviews – Everything you would want to know (now upgrade to pro version to listen in on cell phone conversations)

SpybubbleSpybubble is the most popular mobile phone spy software on the market today. It has been on the market for only one year but managed to overtake other monitoring software such as Mobistealth and Flexispy with ease. This is because of two major factors. The first factor is its price but most importantly what puts Spy bubble ahead of the competition when you review it is the system itself. It is reliable app which works on almost every smart phone on the market today which includes blackberry, iphone, windows mobile, Symbian (e.g. nokia,) and the Android platform (e.g. Samsung,HTC). It features repertoire are enough to give anyone enough information about the person whose phone you are targeting. This is whether it is your spouse who you suspect is cheating; your children who is skipping school or even your employee who is stealing.

Spybubble reviews: Features offered

Call tapping: Listen in on phone conversations without the person knowing (literally make a two way call a three way one)

Cell phone bugging: Turn on the mic of the phone and listen to what is happening in the surroundings of the person. This means if your teenager says he is at the ice cream shop and you hear club music you would know she is elsewhere.

Call logging: Record all incoming and outgoing calls with the relevant times and dates. Spy bubble let you see the correspondences that were deleted.

Text message spying: Many people send sensitive and confidential information via text message. Spybubble allows you to read all sms or text correspondences sent and received even though the messages were erased.

Phone book access: You can now access all the names and numbers in the mobile phone contact book.

Completely Hidden: Your spouse, child or employee will be clueless to the fact their mobile phone is being monitored.

Intercept emails: You will be able to read all inbound and outbound emails

Website tracking: This is especially useful for parents in which you can see every single website visited by that particular smart phone.

Photo Logging: If a photo was taken or received by the particular smart phone then you will be able to see the image. Therefore if your spouse or partner decides to take naughty photos with their lover you will be able to see and know by using Spy bubble.

Mobile phone gps tracker: You will be able to see the exact location of the person's phone by using this phone spying technology. Below is a typical map of what you will see by using this particular feature. As you can see the map includes the street, buildings and a marker to show the location of the phone.

mobile phone gps tracking secretly

How easy is it to use Spy bubble?

Spybubble is very simple. You do not have to be a technical person or a techie to effectively install this software. You however need to ensure two things are certain. The first is that the phone will be able to connect to the internet at some point in time because this software sends the information to you via the web. This does not mean necessarily a data plan but wifi could also work even if it is a short time span during the day. The other thing you need to ensure is that you will have five minutes with the target phone in question to install the software. This spying program like most cannot be installed remotely. Once these criterias are satisfied you can go ahead and purchase, download and install onto the mobile phone in question. In a matter of minutes you will be able to see everything which is going on with this person whether it is good or bad.

spy bubble

What is the price and guarantee?

Firstly Spybubble is offering its customers a 60 day guarantee on purchasing this product whether it is bought at full or reduced price. It is backed by clickbank which is the largest e-commerce website in the world today. All transactions go through them similar to google checkout and if you do not get satisfaction from the vendor you will from them. So there is no risk with this product and there is no other vendors on the market who have such an extended warranty.

The cost of the basic Spybubble functions are $49.95USD If you want to go to the pro version which includes call tapping and surroundings monitoring you would only have to pay an extra $34.95USD. For more information on Spybubble you can visit its main homepage when you  


What is the best software to spy on a mobile phone spy?

There are many mobile phone spy software apps on the market and it is sometimes confusing on which one to choose from. Your choice should be based on three criteria. These are:

  1. Does the spy software work?
  2. Does the app contains the features I need to spy on the person's mobile phone? (For example you might need to tap the person's phone if they don't use the text messaging service)
  3. Price which should be last on your list because after all what is the information worth to you? Could you be marrying the wrong person or could your daughter become pregnant because of it? It is best not to cut corners especially when the result of not knowing is far more expensive in the end.

We have limited the choice of apps to just three based on first simplicity and price. Because Flexispy is no.3 does not mean by anyway it is substandard to the others. Its ranking was based primarily on price and it is actually the most advance app you can get on the market today. It offers features such as cell phone tapping, cell phone recording, surroundings recording and other features which you typically would not find on your average phone spy. Mobistealth offer a similar range however it is limited to Android and Blackberry phones currently. Below is a list of the best monitoring software on the market today.

Spybubble1# Choice in the world when you are need of a compact cell phone spy application. It can be purchased for just $49.95 on this website and the features included with this package are gps tracking, sms interception, call logging and phone directory monitoring. These basic features are typically what you need to discover whether your spouse is cheating, employee is corrupted or your child is skipping school and more. This software is can spy on most mobile phones and the list includes blackberry, android, windows mobile, iphone and symbian (Nokia) based phones.


For more information on Spy bubble

mobistealth pro2# Mobistealth is the high end version of Spy bubble it has the same features but additional features include the ability to record a phone call, surroundings tapping (using the cell phone as a microphone to listen to lunch rooms conversations etc), a free reverse phone number lookup to see who exactly is calling the particular mobile phone and more. The price range from $39.99USD  to $199.99 USD a year. It depends primarily on the options chosen as well as the length of time of the service. This mobile phone spying software works with blackberry, iphone and Android phones.

For more information and a demonstration of this app you can simply the banner of the left and you will be able to see everything.

flexispy pro

3# Flexispy: This is the third recommended program on our list.  Price range is between $125 -$325 USD per year depending on the features you require. Flexispy currently is one of the oldest and also best mobile phone spy software systems available out there today. It carries the most advance options for Maemo, Windows mobile, Android, blackberry, iphone and aslo Symbian type smart phones. This is actually the most popular spying app used by private detectives. If you need more information just click the flyer above.


Is there a free Spybubble download? What is the best website to download Spy bubble?

downloading spybubble onto a mobile phone

You should not try to download any free versions of Spybubble on the internet. This is because the makers of this software does offer any free trial version. The file you get may be a virus and the result is that you damage the same phone you wish to monitor. If you are someone who likes to test drive something before they purchase it you do not worry this product because it works.Spy bubble is currently the most utilized cell phone spyware in the industry today. It offers you the ability to spy on text messages, track the person location; see all their calls and more. In the event this product does not meet your expectations you can always get a full refund providing it is within 60 days of your purchase date.

Steps for an easy Spybubble download

The first thing you need to do even before purchasing this surveillance app is to ensure the phone in question is compatible with this software. For the list of compatible phones . After you have confirmed that this surveillance app can work with particular mobile phone it is time to purchase it. This website has a special price for this spy app on its discount page .  When you have purchased Spy bubble you will then be sent an email containing step by step instructions on how to download it get it working. Before this application is downloaded onto the mobile phone you need to first go to the main website and create an account. It is pretty simple just setup the user name and password for your account and then the IMEI for the particular mobile phone. If you made a mistake on the IMEI number it is no sweat just send a support ticket to Spy bubble and it will be updated accordingly.

The next step in the process would be downloading Spybubble and installing it onto the mobile phone. The file sent depends on the type of phone you are using. Therefore if you are spying on a blackberry your file would be different than an iphone. When the file has been installed it is only a matter of setting it up according to the instructions of the email. Now you are ready to spy on the mobile phone. To view all the information you will then have to go to the main website an log on with your unique user name and password. Everything will be available for your viewing then.


Is Spybubble Legal?

spy bubble

When you first hear about Spybubble and what it does, you may wonder whether Spybubble is legal or illegal. Well do not worry; if mobile phone spy software was illegal then companies such as Flexispy and Mobistealth would have been closed down years ago. This spy software can however be used for illegal purposes like when a stalker use it to spy into your privacy. When you are the owner of the particular mobile phone you would like to spy on then your legal concerns are pretty much over. You can do whatever you like with your own mobile phone and that include installing mobile phone spy software on it. Therefore employers and parents are in their rights to install this software to prevent abuse and curb unwanted behaviour.

The legality as mentioned earlier occurs when it comes to installing Spybubble on another person's cell phone. A common example is someone who wants to use it to discover whether their spouse is cheating. Using Spybubble is legal in this scenario if the country or state laws permits spying on your spouse. However, to determine this you need to seek legal advice. Although it is may be illegal in a particular location many people are still willing to take the risk of being caught because knowing the truth is much more important to them. Can you imagine catching an STD or something worst because of lack of knowledge? It is sometimes understandable why people would take this risk and since the software is undetectable in the mobile phone it is highly unlikely they will be caught.


Greatest HTC spy software – A guide of the most effective tools online to monitor this mobile

HTC phone spy

When you are looking to acquire HTC spy software there are a number of things which you must consider in order to make the operation effective. The first and most important thing which you must look at is whether you can use the spy app to begin with. There are presently two criterias which is required to use monitoring software on a HTC phone. The first one is access to the mobile in which you wish install this technology. If there is no access then there could be no installation. The next criteria is internet connectivity whether it is through the carrier package or wifi

During its operation the HTC keylogger would record the activities of the cell phone and send the details to an online database. The user would then access the database to see what the smart phone's usage look like. Therefore if that program cannot get online then there is no way in which it could let you know what is going on. Once these conditions are met then you go to the next phase which is choosing the HTC spy app which suits your need.

Of course you would be looking for something which works and also is reliable but you need to match the program features with the phone's usage. In other words if the person uses whatsapp chat then you would definitely require a monitoring app which could do that. Otherwise you would not be as informed as you should be about the entire situation. In terms of functions these range from simple sms spying to the more robust cell phone tapping. It is just a matter of choosing what you feel is best for you in terms of functionality and pocket.

So which program should I choose?

When spying on an HTC phone we recommend one of two programs. The initial choice is Mobile spy which has been around for over 5 years now. It allows you to keep watch on three devices with a single purchase. Features include tracking the mobile phone; whatsapp messages; text messages; phone book details; emails; facebook chat; websites visited etc. It covers the major communication methods which someone would likely be on and as a result gives excellent results. The cost of this HTC keylogger is around 50 bucks to start and you might consider using its add-on which allow you to watch the phone activities like on a tv screen. If you would like further details or you are considering purchasing simply downloadto go its main website.


The alternative choice in terms of HTC spy software is Stealthgenie. This app ramps up surveillance with its core functionality being equivalent to its competition. However; you cannot ignore its additional robust features which are cell phone tapping and bugging. If you are not familiar with this terminology, phone tapping refers to either listening or recording a mobile phone conversation. Cell phone tapping allow the user to turn on the mic so that he or she could listen in on the surroundings of the device (you may be able to listen up to 15 ft depending on the smart phone). The starting cost is 10 bucks more but you do get what you pay for. For further details download


Best iphone keylogger reviews – Start the monitoring of an iphone effectively with these top spy tools.

iphone spy appThe majority of people who are considering buying an iphone keylogger are interested in safeguarding their kids from the ills of society or would like to catch an employee slacking off. It does not matter what the purpose is because things has gotten to the stage in which an iphone spy app is essential to put your thoughts to rest. Overall, installing a cell phone keylogger onto any smart phone enable you to know what that person is really about. The primary reason why it is so successful is due to the fact that it operates in the background so the individual does not know what is happening, consequently he or she would keep doing what they were as usual. The keylogger for iphone would record the activities and then send it to you in which you can interpret the findings accordingly.

A trick some people try is to get rid of any evidence in emails, text messages or whatsapp chat. However; this does not matter simply because the spy app would have already captured it and you would be informed. Therefore, it is extremely difficult not to be caught in the act once this kind of monitoring system is up and running on the specific smart phone. Now, perhaps you are getting enthusiastic because this appear to be the perfect chance for you but, there are a few constraints attached with it. For instance, you cannot make use of an iphone keylogger unless the device is jailbroken prior. Otherwise, you could forget it because it won't work. Furthermore there is a prerequisite that the iphone has online connectivity to be able to send you all of the surveillance logs. If one of these conditions is absent then you can forget utilising this type of technology.


Now it is time to pick the best iphone spy app for your distinct objective. With regards to selection the most effective solution currently available is Mobile spy. The design company Retinax studios which created Mobile spy has been in the surveillance software business now from since 2003 supplying both cell phone and computer monitoring applications. There are not only known for their reliability but also value for money. For instance you would be capable to acquire one of their computer monitoring apps Sniperspy for free if you sign up for the annual membership of Mobile spy. Also this iphone keylogger app is allow you to monitor two additional devices for the same price.

Its features include keystroke logging (with the live surveillance add on) and also the ability to track the iphone location, text messages, phone calls, whatsapp messages, imessages etc. The price for this particular app starts at 50 bucks and varies according to the type of subscription as well as whether you choose to go with the add on. If you want to find out more details or consider purchasing then simply download.

The other choice is Mobistealth which offers the user similar basic features (main difference is the exception of keylogging) to its competitor on the market. However, there is one distinction which often sticks out and that is the capability to bug the iphone(listen in on its surrounding). This impressive characteristic is not for everyone but it is available for those who need it. The purchase price starts at $39.95USD and increases according to the version and subscription purchased. If you want to read more or you are thinking about buying you would need to visit www.mobistealthpro.com.


Top Samsung galaxy spy software reviews – A comprehensive tutorial on what options are available online today

spy software for samsung galaxy

Right now you are probably anxious to get your hands on a good Samsung galaxy spy software but wait; before you get ahead of yourself there are some things which you must consider. For starters, is it even possible to implement this software on the mobile you are targeting? There are some conditions which are needed for a successful implementation and without them nothing can occur. For instance, if you cannot acquire the device physically then it would not be possible to setup the app and commence your surveillance of the samsung galaxy activities.

The Samsung galaxy spy also requires that the mobile have internet and in that way it would send everything recorded to the user to see. This is whether it is to their email as surveillance logs or a monitoring account. The only thing required is that you log on with your special name and password. Since the details are stored online this mean that you have access to the information 24 hours a day. Everything is done in stealth so no one would be aware of what is happening unless you tell them which means he or she would continue with their daily activities as usual. Once those two things mentioned earlier are out of the way it is now time to look at choosing the most appropriate app to spy on the Samsung Galaxy.

mobile spy

In terms of excellent bang for buck there is no program out there which could beat Mobile spy. In terms of features it has quite a bit including the power to spy on text messages, whatsapp messenger; websites visited; emails, contact details; gps location (also known as mobile tracking); photos taken etc. You get all of this functionality for just 50 bucks but there is more. This particular Samsung spy app offers its users the ability to monitor 2 additional devices with this one subscription. This is absolutely perfect for fathers and mothers who have more than one of their children with a cell phone. There are other details to consider and these could be found on the Mobile spy website simply download


The next is Stealthgenie which is considered one of the most advanced cell phone monitoring programs in the world to-date. It does not only have the basic surveillance functionality like its competitor but some of the most advanced functionality such as cell phone tapping and bugging. Its cost a bit more but when you consider what you will be acquiring then you would appreciate it. The starting cost of Stealthgenie is 60 dollars. For further details about its complete features list and also how to purchase download


Whatsapp spy software – How to monitor whatsapp conversations?

whatsapp spy app

Whatsapp spy applications are the latest development in the cell phone monitoring industry. Similar to bbm spy software it came out of necessity. As most people realize the general population is utilizing messenger services oppose to text messaging. Therefore for you to know whether your child or an employee is up to mischief you will definitely have to go a bit more sophisticated. It will cost you a few more bucks to acquire the capabilities to spy on whatsapp messenger however, the benefits of knowing what is happening usually outweighs the cost considerably.

Initially you would think by its name that you will only be able to monitor Whatapps chat but that is far from the truth. By using this technology you will also be able to track the cell phone, monitor text messages, view the call history etc. Therefore you will get a chance to truly understanding what is happening with the person you are watching.

How does Whatsapp spy software works?

This type of technology functions similar to any other mobile phone monitoring application. The first thing which must be done is that you must install it onto the smart phone you wish to monitor. Once that is completed the software will then go into action. This means that as the user chats on Whatsapp messenger each message will be captured by the software and then sent to you. All conversations are stored in an online repository in which you will be the only person which will have access. In order to view the logs it will be just a matter of logging on with your special security username and password.

Since everything is online that means you will be able to access the information no matter where you are providing there is internet access. Nothing is simpler as that.

What app should I use?

In terms of Whatsapp spying there are two primary apps which are utilized. These are Mobistealth and also Spyera Silver or Gold. Both will get the job done however there is a slight difference in terms of features offered and also price.

Mobistealth is presently the preferred choice because overall it offers more bang for buck in terms of cost. Presently it can only work for the iphone which is its only downfall but this option should be available for Android shortly.  The additional features offered by Mobistealth are gps tracking, call logging, photo and video recording, email interception, cell phone bugging etc. In general there is nothing which will escape you by using this app. The price for this program ranges between $79.99USD and $199.99USD.

For further details on Mobistealth please

spyera gold

Spyera is the second choice and presently it is the only program which can spy on whatsapp messenger for Android and also the iphone. It is one of the oldest apps on the market today and is considered as the best in terms of features and documentation. It contains similar features to Mobistealth however, it cost more for the subscription but it will definitely be worth it especially for Android users.

For more information on Spyera 


Android keylogger software – What are the top Android spy apps today?

An Android keylogger is a very awesome program which is used specifically to spy on an Android phone’s activities. Once the phone has this particular O/S on it, it does not matter whether it is a Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC or any other smart phone. You will be able to view certain communications of the particular cell phone without the owner being aware that you are actually viewing what they do. Therefore an Android keylogger will easily help you discover whether your employee is stealing from you or your children are skipping school.

You will only have to wait and see what actually transpire with the person in question and you can then decide which course of action you would like to take.

What can I monitor with this type of software?

Like with any other cell phone keylogger you will be able to monitor virtually any type of communication you wish. This includes basic stuff such as monitoring the person’s text messages or more complicated things such as the ability to listen in on a cell phone conversation. It is generally up to you as the person using the spy software to determine what best suits you. In general the more advance you want to go the more you will have to pay.

The best course is to choose something which will more than likely give you the results which you will require with that particular application. Cutting corners may result in you missing out on information which may make a difference with regards to your situation.

What is a good Android keylogger app?

If you are require a decent keylogger for an Android phone then Mobistealth is definitely the way to go. It offers a wide range of features such as gps tracking; text message monitoring; cell phone tapping (eavesdropping on a phone call) and much more. The best part about this app is that it comes in three different versions which is Lite, Pro and Prox. Therefore depending on which features you wish you can then choose to suit. These various versions also come in different prices therefore it is relatively in the reach of the average guy starting as low as $39.95USD to as much as $249.99USD.

If you are interested in finding out more information then

Another good Android keylogger is Spybubble. It however only comes in one form but carries the necessary features to get the job done. This includes monitoring text messages, gps locations, pictures taken, calls, websites visited and more. It however comes with a fixed cost of $49.99USD. The choice between the apps usually depends on your budget and also features required. Most people opt for Spybubble when looking for the basic functions.

For more information on Spybubble


Blackberry keylogger – What are your best options when monitoring a Blackberry phone communications.

keylogger for blackberryA blackberry keylogger is a great tool in which you can use to monitor your employee or children’s cell phone activities. There are slight differences in how each functions but overall you would find that they follow the same principles. This is that you would install it onto the Blackberry which you would like to monitor and after that the surveillance will begin. The Blackberry keylogger would commence recording certain activities and as events are captured it will send you the data either through a web account or email.

Either way you would be able to access the surveillance data anywhere and anytime this is providing that you are able to use a web browser and connect to the internet. This comes to a very important point when someone is using a keylogger on a Blackberry phone and that is the smart phone needs to be connected to the internet. It does not have to be continuously but a few hours would be enough to send the data to you. Once you meet this criteria it will be possible for you to monitor information such as blackberry messenger chat, text messages, calls and much more.

Since you now have a better understanding on how Blackberry keylogger software works it is time to take a look at some of the apps available out there. If you are looking for a reliable application then you should either take a look at Mobistealth or Spybubble.

mobistealth pro small

In terms of features Mobistealth is considered the top cell phone keylogger on the market today. It features include bbm spying; text message interception; email interception; gps  tracking; reverse phone lookup service; call logging; picture and video capturing; website tracking; sim card change notification and also spy calling (the ability to listen to the surroundings of the mobile). When you combine all of these spy features it is not much which would be able to escape you when it comes to blackberry spying. The best part of using this particular program is that it has various packages and also prices. The cost can vary from as little as $39.99USD or as much as $249.99USD depending on how much you are willing to pay. If you would like to find out more about Mobistealth then .

The number 2 Blackberry keylogger in this review is Spybubble. It actually offers a great bang for buck in which you will be able to monitor key functions of that particular mobile. This includes text messages, call logs, websites visited, emails, pictures taken by the phone, phone book access and blackberry gps tracking. Typically these are more than enough to capture the most important data on most cell phones. However, it will be at a slight disadvantage since it does not offer bbm spying. This particular Blackberry keylogger costs just $49.99USD.

If you would like to find out more about this particular app then


Recoverycop Reviews – Should you buy it or is it another scam?

recoverycop software

Recoverycop is one of the hottest cell phone anti theft apps you would find on the market today. It was developed by Retinax studios which is the creator of the renowned cell phone monitoring tools Mobile spy and also Phonesheriff. These two apps are the basis for the development of Recoverycop which use similar features to find a lost or stolen cell phone. Therefore by using this technology you can rest assure that if your mobile was taken, you would have a good chance of recovering it or worst case scenario you can at least erase all of your confidential data remotely from the mobile.

This cell phone anti theft app will cost you around 10 bucks and that is rather insignificant when compared to the cost of a replacement cell phone or someone stealing your identity.

Recoverycop review: What are the features offered?

The most important part of any product reviews is the features offered by the particular product. Recoverycop offers quite a bit of anti theft functionality and this includes:

  • Complete stealth: The software hides in the background of the cell phone so that no one will know that you are watching their activities.
  • Mobile phone gps tracking: Once your phone has a functioning gps chip you will be able to track the mobile’s every movement. This can either be through a web interface or through special sms commands. The coordinates can then be transported onto a map which will give your clear details of the device’s location.
  • Sim card Information: When requested you will be able to view the number of the Sim card presently in the mobile. This means if the thief tried to change numbers you will know exactly what it is.
  • Text message spying:  Read every text message sent or received by the thief and this also includes times, dates and the particular cell phone number.
  • Device Lock/Alarm: Lock the device when the SIM card is changed or remotely. When locked an alarm will sound
  • Call history: Each inbound or outbound call is logged.
  • Data Erase: You could opt to erase all of your information remotely when using Recoverycop so that the thief would not be able to get their hands on it.
  • Data Backup/Restore: You could either choose to backup or restore the data on your smart phone remotely.

As you should realize there is quite a bit you can discover by using Recovery cop. When you combine these features together it is almost guaranteed your phone will have a safe return.

How to begin using this software?

Everything starts with the registration process. Recoverycop as mentioned is just 10 bucks for the app and once you have paid the fee you will be emailed with a set of instructions detailing the appropriate links to get you started. Simply download the software to the smart phone, install and that is it. You will immediately start to enjoy the benefits of a secure cell phone. For more information on Recovery cop visit http://recovery-cop.com .


The Ephone tracker guide with a special discount offers on this popular cell phone spy app.

ephone tracker surveillance softwareWhen dealing with phone surveillance technology there is no application which will come close to Ephone tracker hands down. Although there are few which have more powerful features the fact remains that many are out of the reach of the regular person due to price. It is nice to have the bells and whistles however many of the times you do not need them to discover the truth of your situation. You can get by perfectly well with just a few relevant key functions and that is why Ephone tracker is so popular.

It will give you more than enough to get the job done and at a price that is affordable for most persons.Instead of paying hundreds of bucks you can get away with just 50 bucks and get the same results.

How does it work?

In order to use this product you will first need to go online and register for Ephone tracker. After that is finished you will then be given a set of instructions for installation and use. This comes to the next step which deals with downloading and configuring the software onto the phone in question. It is pretty straight forward however it will take at least ten minutes to do. The most trouble people usually find themselves in is to actually acquire the time to do the install. The person may be very over protective of their mobile for example but you still need it to be available so that you can set it up otherwise you will have to use another type of technology.

When Ephone tracker has been installed onto the device the only thing you will have to do is to sit back and wait for the information. Everything captured will be delivered to you via email therefore to find out what is going on you just need to go to your account. This can be via your cellular, ipad or computer to find out what is going on. This is how it functions in a nutshell.

What can Ephone tracker do?

In terms of surveillance you will be able to spy on the person’s text messages; view all call history; track the person’s mobile via gps; view every single website visited; look through their phone book; intercept their emails and also the ability to bug the phone (listen to its surroundings). Overall these are really the key functions to discover the truth of who you are monitoring. One of the most popular functions with it is the bugging feature. Therefore you can hear all the lunch time chat and also any group conversations the person will be having unknown to them.

I want to get started?

The first thing to do is to take a look at the main website and you can get there if you . At the point of purchase you have to come back here in order to take advantage of our special bonus offer. The regular price is $49.95USD however our readers will get 20% off and only pay $39.95USD. In order to take advantage of this offer you will need to then